the empress

80% gifs 20% ssshut up

i'm pouting
bad gifs

My day so far

tipsy. riding a bicycle to a party with my friend. one bicycle. never laughed so hard in my life. long story short i drove into a trashcan.

tired & disconnected 

my new favorite dress i think 

i cant stand myself when im drunk. i turn into this disgusting, nasty girl. i think im gonna stay away from hard liquor from now on

Anonymous asked: Hot damn you're pretty. And you give off that fierce vibe.

thanks muffin :) im definitely on the other spectrum on the fierce scale tho


i cannot believe some people justify rape if the person raped was blackout drunk. i cannot believe they use analogies like leaving your bike outside unlocked and blaming someone for stealing it. i cant believe people like this exist. im afraid i might know people who think like this and this makes me sad and uncomfortable 

never knew that we could ever be this way